Hi, I’m Richard Rangel

I am a second-degree black belt and have been training for 22 years. I've been teaching Jiu Jitsu since 2009 as a purple belt at several different affiliate locations, even taught/wrote a fundamental program at a community college for several years as a brown belt.

When I received my black belt in 2013, I opened my own academy.

I started when there weren't many schools to choose from, and VHS tapes were the best way to get extra knowledge outside of the academy.

Nowadays there are so many online courses to choose from, but almost none of them are designed for the very beginner, most require at least a year or two of training in order to make sense of the details.

I designed this course to walk you step-by-step through each of the fundamental techniques, starting with how to hold the kimono and ending with how to apply submissions.

As much as I would love to bust out yet another berimbolo or leg lock instructional, I felt my time would be more valuable teaching the basics and showing others the smallest of details that I wish I had learned when I was a white belt.

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